Selector window identifies target, but Check App State goes to "does not appear"

Here you can see the selector window finds the target window.


But when running the automation…


Hi @postwick,
While processing screen is appear?
If yes get the selector for that particular window and compare the previous selector and current selector.
Use wildcards for dynamic selectors.


I am fully aware how to do selectors. The point here is that the selectors for Check App State don’t work right if it’s a window you are checking for.

@andreioros Can someone from UiPath please take a look at this? The modern Check App State can’t handle checking for just a window.

cc @gheorghestan

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Another issue is that the Fuzzy and Selector are both blank but selected. If I select None I get an error that at least one must be enabled (so what’s the point of the None). And I think because the selectors are blank they actually end up matching other windows sometimes if the Window Selector is “close enough.”