Chatbot license cost

Hello Friends,

I need some help to understand :

  1. How many licences required to built end to end chatbot
  2. Is there any third party services (Google dialog flow or Druid) required and their license cost.
  3. Guidance on implementation.

Thanks in advance!

Vinay Urkude

Welcome to the community @Vinay_Urkude

Ideally you need one unattended license that will do the task triggered by user via chatbot

You have many options, Dialogflow is free upto a certain limit with Google Cloud API account (GCP) and the connectors are available in marketplace.

While DRUID has native integration and is very convenient to use. You can see the pricing by contacting for a demo

There’s also Bot Framework from Microsoft, basic features are free. Connectors are available via API

  1. Identify the need and use of a chatbot, whether that’s required
  2. Learn about the chatbot as a concept first
  3. Try the platform that are there for Chatbot, try them using a POC
  4. Watch some videos or blogs for Chatbot implementation and you’ll get a better idea of what are the scenarios where chatbot can be fruitful to have