Integrating Ai chat bot In an attended Ui path studio process

Greetings community,

I am looking into the possibility of Integrating an AI chatbot of sorts into an attended process i have been working on. The problem is that most of the bots i came across have paid API services and i do not want to spend money only to just test if the addition of the chatbot is something worth doing or not.(It is very possible that i scrap the project if i don’t like the outcome)

Do any of you people know/suggest any AI chatbots that do not have paid API services?
Or even anything in the Marketplace that does a similar job to what i am looking for?

I came across an “ASK GPT” activity from marketplace that reads a given text and can answer questions based on that text, Which is good but a bit too specific for what am trying to achieve.

Any input is welcome,



Consider using open-source chatbot frameworks like Rasa or building your chatbot using available free natural language processing libraries and tools to avoid the cost of paid API services for your initial testing and development.


Hello @Christodoulos ,

You can try to see DUID AI solution, you can download the package from Marketplace.

Add it as local package and try the activity “Trigger Conversation”

Also you can try Chatbot with Dialogflow

NB:DRUID AI is paid and Dialogflow is free.

Oumayma LAJILI.

Thanks for the suggestion, i will try Rasa and come back with an update :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, i will try with the Dialogflow and come back with an update :slight_smile:

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Great @Christodoulos , waiting for ur feedback.

Oumayma LAJILI.

Hey @Christodoulos
You can try Microsoft Bot Framework
This service allows you to build, test, deploy, and manage intelligent bots. It provides an integrated environment for bot development and connects with various channels like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and others. For bot building, you can also use the Power Virtual Agents, which offer a low-code platform to create bots without writing code.
You need to create azure account and you will have 30-days trial if I remember correctly.