Difference between Druid and Google Dialogflow

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I have requested to develop chatbot and I am confused to choose between (Dialogflow and Druid) platform. Please suggest which one is best to start with. Thank you.


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Both are great options as they allow you to build NLP based chatbots.
However, there are a few key differences between the two:

  1. Druid can be deployed On-premise or in a hybrid configuration
  2. UiPath is deeply integrated into the Druid platform (i.e., you do not need to use a separate chatbot connector) and is the only chatbot solution that is able to trigger attended automation from the chatbot (made possible by our deep partnership)
  3. Druid can be purchased directly from UiPath, on UiPath paper and with support provided by UiPath

Ultimately, the decision comes down to the needs of your project. Hope this helps!

Hey @Karan,
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I have been asked by my organization to evaluate leading chatbot vendors that integrates well with UiPath. We are considering Dialogflow, RASA, MS Bot framework, and Druid for our initial PoC. We have already completed our POC with first two and started with next two respectively. Can you help us with some comparison documents, including pros,cons, features,pricing that I can share with my leadership team for decision making? TIA , Subham

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@SUBHAM_KUMAR Apologies for the delay in seeing this request.
Below are a few resources that might be useful for you:

  • A reference implementation for integrating a chatbot built with the MS Bot Framework with UiPath: GitHub - UiPath/Chatbot-Samples: Welcome to the UIPath Chatbot samples repository. Here you will find example of using Microsoft BotFramework to build a chatbot that connects to UiPath RPA.
  • In terms of pricing - Rasa & MS Bot Framework are open source and are free to use. However, in the case of MS Bot Framework, you will need to plugin in a NLP service (like MS LUIS) which might add to cost depending on choice. Dialogflow standard edition is free while the paid tier charges per message sent to Dialogflow and makes additional features available to you. Druid is a paid chatbot platform that offers a trial to evaluate it
  • Unlike the options above, Druid has UiPath baked into the chatbot platform, i.e., it requires no separate connector to integrate with UiPath. Also, it is the only chatbot platform via which you can trigger both attended and unattended automation. With all other providers, you are only able to run attended automation. Finally, unlike Dialogflow (which is available only on Google Cloud), Druid gives you the flexibility of choosing your deployment options - In Druids cloud, On-prem or a hybrid config. where all data is stored all prem, but the service is in the cloud.

Hope this helps


Hi @SUBHAM_KUMAR, 4 years later I am doing the same job you were asked to do. Where you able to create a comparison between these different suppliers that yyou can share with me ?