How to create uipath chatbot

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I have a very specific business scenario where i want to use uipath chatbot only.
I’ve heard of chatbot integration with uipath studio like dialogflow, slack or druid, but does uipath has its own chatbot, no external chatbot integrations via api’s
If this chatbot feature exists, does uipath chatbot functionality differs from community to enterprise edition and if so, what are major differences in its funcationality, cost of operation and licensing.

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Kindly refere to this:

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Thanks for your answer, but i don’t need a connector between uipath and orchestrator, i am already using one - chatbot with dialogflow.

My question is does uipath has its own inbuilt chatbot feature, so that no external api or integration is needed.


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@Akash_Pratap Hi,

1 - uipath has its own inbuilt chatbot feature → no
You must work in one by your self

2 - Some ideas about uipath + chatbot[]=chatbot

3 - This is not a rookie question this post must be in Advanced

4 - @Joeri_Rethy just try to help just rong link

5 - This project can help you to have some ideas:

Just try to explore more this forum or website have very useful information of what you need.

Uipath + chatbot yes its possible but you will need to work


I to would like to see UiPath implement Chatbot feature. Intellibot has this capability as shown in this video: Chatbot development no longer needs Special Skills | Chatbot Tutorial - YouTube

Oveall, think it would be quite easy for UiPath to implement or maybe they should buy Druid and integrate into their Platform as a new Project Type.

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That would definitely be a bonus for UI Path to add this to their future plans!

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