Changing to Automation developer license from studio license


i have an orchestrator instance on v2020.4. i followed the below steps to change the license type to automation developer on the 2020.4 instance, however , its still shows that i have 0 development licenses, anyone encountered such issue??


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Is that not working even after the mentioned downtime in the docs?

Hi @johnny123,

Could you try going to Orchestrator > License page and updating the license?

If the situation does not change, you need to open a ticket.


updating works, however studio licenses weren’t converted to automation developer licenses

yes, i even waited till the other day and checked

Hello @johnny123

If you have the licensed version, don’t you use the customer support from the UiPath itself?
I think they can directly sort out the issue maybe through a connect.

yes, i’ll be sending a support ticket to them. i just wanted to see if others encountered such issue on the community forum

It was fixed when I opened a ticket for a customer. In particular, state that you have a license problem in the titles and give your versions correctly.@johnny123