Chaining queues together with ReFramework

Hello everyone
I built an automation pipeline where I move a queue Item from a dispatcher into a queue. After processing the item with ReFramework, I create a new queue Item for a further process.
Depending on the item-type, the chain of part-processes differs. So depending on the item-values, the new queue item will be placed in a different queue.
Whats yout opinion:

  • Where is the best place, to add the “Add Queue Item” activity, togehter with the “choose queue” logic? I choosed in the end of “Process.xaml”
  • Have you made similar logics? How did you manage the consistency of Specific Fields in the queue Item? (If i want to add or change a specific field, i have to open up all processes in the chain…


Together with choose logic…else you need to again check the same conditions

or decide in conditions and add in one place using a variable…set the variables according to the queue needed


You could use the Item Collection, or a serializable data type like datatable, dictionary, custom class, …


I should be a part of the Process.xaml if you have to pick up every item and then do a check on values and then add it accordingly.

You could also use Reference in the First queue items, so you could filter on the basis of item check the values and do your action.


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Hi Anil
Thanks for your response. For sure the logic will be together witl the “add queue Item”. But where would you place this sequence? In Process.xaml or in “Set Transaction Status”? Or even in Main?

yeah, I had he same idea. I added a Datatable to the specific content. What really annoys me with this method is that the csv-like code is not so readable in Orchestrator.
So it works but im not 100% happy with it.


Better in process xaml at the end….because as per best practices also this o
Is not any status update to keep in set status and not part of exceptions to keep in main…