Reframework Dispatcher

hello plz help me with that i want to create dipatcher using separate reframework so i can handle the exception also told in which state to put extract datatable and add queue item activity.
The task is that i have to extract data from acme work items and only send the item that have type =WI5, and status =open this data on queue on orchestrator.
it the data that required for clients security hash project

Hello @Dheeraj_Chourasiya

Here are you getting the data as datatable and you need to add all yhe items to.queue?? If yes you can try using Bulkaddqueue item activty. So this can be done in process state.

if i have to do filter in datattable that filtering part is in which state of reframework. or one more thing if i am useing add queue item so do it must be inside foreach or not in the process state

There are two ways :

  1. Filter the table in the init state and add items in the process state.
  2. pass the table as is and check each item using the if statement if process state.

now i got the solution so the strategy is that put filter datatable in data transaction state and add que item in process state

Hi @Dheeraj_Chourasiya,

Before adding to the queue, filter your data using the filter data table activity.


sure and thanks

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Hi @Dheeraj_Chourasiya

Have a look on the thread