Certification Practical Exam prerequisites

On attempting to start the practical exam for my certification (yes, I’ve already completed the theoretical), I get the following dialog:


4 of the 5 points cause no issues, but when I tried to test the highlighted line I got the following errors:

Now I’m left wondering, is this working as intended and the exam itself will be to fix those errors? Is it the default template that’s flawed (more flawed, I mean, there are a few issues I’ve gotten used to fixing whenever I use it)? Do I need to use a different template than the one that’s included in the most recent version of UiPath? A colleague suggested I might be missing an import statement for the mscorlib mentioned in the most prodigious error, but a quick check of the available classes suggests that is not the case:

Given both the time- and failure-limit I’m hesitant to simply click Start and see if it all works out so I’m hoping someone will be able to let me know what’s going on…

@loginerror I’ve been told you might be able to help, or at least know the person who can?

Hi @Runiat

I wouldn’t worry about it. It is failing because the specified file is not in that location (Test_Framework\Test_ProcessTransaction.xaml)

What has me worried is the possibility that such a file is supposed to be in that location, but if that’s not the case then everything should be fine.

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