UiPath Certification - issues with register, dispute the grading scheme etc

Hi , i have some trouble to Log In in certificate uipath and didn’t receive confirmation email,i already check my junk mail

Is it possible to gently dispute the qualification I received on my practical exam ?
I received 62 points and 2 comments on the evaluation I believe are incorrect:

  1. The review notes say I did not use the ReFramework when in fact I did use it on the code I sent. I know the certification process is in beta so maybe there are some issues about how the use or not of the ReFramework is evaluated. I’ve seen other people complain about this.
  2. The specifications indicate no Orchestrator Assets can be used, so I placed my username and password to access System1 on the config.xlsx. But this was evaluated negatively which I believe is not fair.
    Marcelo Albajari

use windows credentials for username/pass storage

and its not enough just to put your code inside Reframe, it needs to be inside in the right way. Right things at right place