Does anyone completed UiPath New Certification(Advance Developer Certification)

Hi.I have completed the first level in this process.the second level consists of the task which we have to do using Reframework.Can anybody send the xaml file using Reframework if anyone already completed the certification.

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Hi @sandhyak9 I dont think we can share the full solution here in the forum. However, if u face any difficulties, you can post here and people will help to resolve.


But yes, we have 3 hours 30 mins to finish that . If you have queries, you should post it but the the turnaround cannot be guaranteed :slight_smile:

Hi all, i have some trouble cause after review of a fully working solution i got those answers that most does not make sense and im afraid i am not sure what i could change to pass this, i got 60 points:

certification details were hidden


I have recently took the advanced developer certification test, and find myself in a similar situation. It seems like this post which i am replying to from @bcorrea have been temporarily flagged, but I would like to highlight that I myself am confused about the comments given by the review.

Can we have an explanation of whether those review lines - are they referring to accomplished tasks and gained marks, or are they points of deduction?

it is actually quite embarrassing that the forum would hide my message as there is nothing inappropriate there or against any rules, i did not post the solution to the test or anything like that…

Hi @dereklauwo @bcorrea

I agree that the information included in the post is a bit of a grey area, but it is still kind of related to the content of the certification (which is a bit guarded to keep its integrity).

As to the core of the issue, I’ll try to get you the answers :slight_smile: Feel free to also contact our Academy Support for certificate related queries.

For your reference, we recommend you to consult the Grading Scheme before starting the Practical Exam.
This information is already present on the certification platform.

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Hi, i did contact the academy support but it takes days for each answer and i thought someone could give me tips (not full answers to any certification test) in how to interpret those answers the test review gave me, cause they were very confusing, are they automated? Thx for help.

I did consult that excel file, but dont know how it would help me… I am sure my solution followed all of the test details and worked flawlessly, both dispatcher and performer, so i really cannot understand all those points the review gave me…

Hi @bcorrea

In this case, I would definitely urge you to contact Academy support. I understand it can take some time to receive a response, but if the core of the issue is technical, they would love to know it to be able to address it as soon as possible :slight_smile:

In second and third attempt of Practical exam , the task is same as in in first attempt or is it different one.

Hello ,

It will be different but core idea is the same.

You might get an easier task as well.

Focus on Process.xaml and rest please refere REframework documentation.

Dont wrry , it should be easy to crack

Just completed my certification.

My word is:
Go through the Level 3, step by step. Don’t skip.
If you are able to understood the core concept in Level 3, you will pass the exam.
Don’t worry too much. You won’t be tested beyond what was taught.
The most important part is to understand the question and objective given.

Have confidence in yourself and good luck.

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