Certification Practical Exam "Missing File or User"

I finished my practical exam today with a fully function REFramework process, and I just got graded with a “0” for “Missing File or User”. What does that even mean? The only way to leave the exam(other than running out of time) is by uploading the file, which I did. I already opened a ticket regarding this issue but I would like to talk to someone in order to expedite things as this is not acceptable.

The ticket I opened is: Case # 00392142


Hi, could you solve the problem? The same thing happened to me today and I sent a ticket, I hope it doesn’t take long to answer it. I need my certification asap :frowning:

@Lucas_Medico Hey Lucas, nothing new happened. I took the exam again and the same issue happened. The support are telling me that they don’t have developers to manually check my solution so I am just waiting and not sure what to do. They also told me that there is a webinar Q&A Session on Thursday. I will be waiting for that and raising my question there as I only have one more attempt and need a fix for this before either taking my last attempt or they manually checking my work.

If you get any updates let me know.

First of all, thanks for answering. I think that after your first 3 attempts you can ask for 3 more attempts if I’m not mistaken. For now they doesn’t answer my ticket, the only thing we can do is wait.

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Support has contacted me and manually checked my submission, I am now certified :slight_smile:

When you open a ticket, attach an image of your submission zip file. This way they can see that your submission was done correctly and something internally went wrong.

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