Missing file or user practical exam

Hi guys, l’m still having an issue uploading the practical exam of the certification, l have been trying over the this month and always get missing file or user on the failed criteria, l already talk to the support team and l’ve been following the suggestion but still the same thing.
l would appresiate some help because l kinda needing the certification, thanks

If you are giving any external references of the files or the final excel you are writing values is outside the folder of the entire workflows or may be you are missing some folders, have you checked all these?

What Info you got from the technical team?

Hello, thanks for you reply.
The excel output is in the data folder, inside the project folder on the reframework, and l think there are exams that doesn’t have any excel output and l still got the same error (by error l mean the missing file or user l always get)
l suggested me to check the .zip file to see if was not corrupt, to make sure to log in, to avoid if the session expired before uploading the file.
They also say l need to click on end session after uploading the file but l don’t find this, after upload the file the page says l need to wait for the review.

yeah, once you submit the files, the session will automatically ends and ask you to wait for the review. Are you trying to refresh immediately or changing anything in the acme site after submitting the file?

No, l correctly reset the user information before running the process and after l upload the file l do not touch the acme webpage

The size of the file is not over 1mb, l don’t think that is a problem either

It should be less than 15 mb, that is the only restriction we have regarding the size of file, that is not an issue I guess. @loginerror, could you please have a look at this thread :slight_smile:

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in about 6 hours l have another try, l could take screenshots of the steps l follow to upload the file and l could send you a private message with those screenshots, can l do that?
That way you can see if l’m missing something and help me

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