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I have just completed final certification exam and I cleared it, however I am little confuse.
Because at portal my status says certified but when I checked my certificate it says “RPA developer, Certification of complition”. I am confuse if I am certified or its just kind of diploma we receive in advance training, the unique ID is also given but still I am confuse as old certificates were different and this one is different. Can anyone help to clear this point
screen shot attached Capture

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Fantastic @Shashank_Joshi
Firstly Hearty congratulations on completing the certification…Great job

NO, you are now a certified UIPATH - RPA DEVELOPER buddy, and its not just a diploma certification. Its a big deal…that is what is mentioned as certified in your portal

So the verification code is a UNIQUE KEY that gets generated for each certification buddy
so obviously that would be different either

Bravo, you made it, no need to worry about this, you are now a uipath certified RPA Developer, Concentrate more on your skills getting updated and groomed
All the very best buddy
Cheers @Shashank_Joshi

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A sigh of a relieve, Thank you so much fr clearing this point with me I was worried about this… Thank you so much…:partying_face:

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Cheers @Shashank_Joshi

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Cheers… Party time…:beers: