The certificate of 'RPA Developer Advanced Certification' bears wrong title

I have completed the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification by navigating the link : as mentioned in the link :

However, the certificate does not say that it is for advanced certification, it just says “RPA Developer Certificate of Completion”. I checked for the same with few of my colleagues who also have cleared the same, and all of them mentioned that in the certificate only “RPA Developer” is mentioned.

Can you please change the certificate title to reflect ‘UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Certification’ in it, because the current title is not only misleading, also it does not reflect the correct title.


Yes this has already been notified and shared to the UIPath team. They will fix this soon in the new certification program which will begin from March 31st onwards

Thanks @neonova for the information.

However, who have already cleared the certification, why they would suffer from the error? UiPath team should fix it for all the users who have already cleared the certification and post the rectified and corrected certificate in each of their accounts.

As I said, I’m sure they have planned something to rectify this. They know the issue, let us give them time for a solution.

Let’s hope that UiPath team will fix the issue soon - sooner the better.

I believe the logic here is that there is only one Certification in comparison to the three levels of the Academy Courses and the certification is the highest available recognition.

This is why there is no ‘advanced’ on the certificate, for the purpose of not confusing anyone (which it does anyway, as you can see :slight_smile: but it might be best to leave it as it is).

@loginerror - Sorry, can’t agree at all with your logic. First of all academy courses are different and certification is different, the url is also different to login to UiPath academy vs to login to UiPath advanced certification. The certifications of academy courses clearly say that those are just the course completion certificate. The advanced certification also tests the ability of the user to comply with the best practices of UiPath RPA coding and his/her ability to complete a use case end to end. This is advanced certification and the webpage from which you need to navigate to take this exam also talk about the same - so if the title does not bear the word “Advanced Certification”, it is absolutely incorrect, misleading and also it undermines the meaning and aspect of the advanced certification.

When the webpage mentioned in my earlier post talks about advanced RPA certification, then it should be reflected accordingly in the actual certificate - if not, then only it gives birth of confusion, not the other way around.

A mistake or an error when unearthed, should be fixed or rectified as soon as possible, specially when it affects several users, instead of providing wrong or ambiguous comments to justify it.

Hi @tapaskrdas
I also understand your issue, i felt the same at the beginning. I have done all the training’s on UIpath and the advanced training certification.

The difference IMHO is that the advanced certificate is a real test of skills. The other ones are, as the name also implies, completed training’s.
Since there is no other certificate you can actually earn, the certificate is indeed the best you can get.
I understand that the words “Advanced certificate” might seem misleading at first, but since there is no “intermediate” or “noob” certificate there is no need in renaming it other than notifying you that you are a certified uipath developer. The name “advanced” relates to the difficulty of the test and its scoring.

Im happy i got it and dont mind it being named as is.

firstly the academy courses do not provide you with a certificate upon completion. it gives you only a diploma.

secondly, does the certificate matters or the knowledge that you obtain out of it matters. no one really cares if you have the cert but you can’t get the job done. they are more interested in you understanding and applying it on your job

lastly if you are really not happy with the naming issue, you are always welcome to look for other rpa alternative.

Hi @MickeyFireMouse,

First of all the one I am talking about is not advanced training certification, it is “Advanced RPA Developer certification”, I am not sure why every one is talking about training - by no way this is a training certification.

Also, I can’t understand your logic of “no need to renaming” the title of the certificate. If I have completed Advanced Certification, the certificate not only should, but it must bear the title “Advanced Certification”, no matter what. If I want to put it in my resume or in my LinkedIn profile, I should definitely mention that it is “Advanced RPA Developer certification”, because that is the certification I have cleared, but if someone asks me to show the certificate to validate it, definitely he/she will ask how I am claiming that I have cleared “UiPath Advanced RPA Developer” certification when there is no indication in the entire certificate that it is for Advanced certification.

The certificate title should bear exactly the same wordings the certification is intended for. For an example - if you appear for Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification, and if you clear it, you would get the certificate with wordings “Oracle Certified Professional” and not “Oracle Certified Associate”, it cannot be and must not be the other way around.

I am sorry, I can’t buy your point and misguiding logic.


First of all, you got it absolutely wrong here. As I have mentioned in the previous comment, I am not at all talking about the academy courses and the corresponding diploma. Rather, I am talking about the RPA Developer Advanced Certification which is completely different than the academy courses and has no relationship with these courses at all - even for your information the url of RPA Developer Advanced Certification is completely different compared to the url of Academy courses.

Secondly, the point you have mentioned that “no one really cares if you have the cert but you can’t get the job done”, is absolutely irrelevant to the current context. If you search for any job opening in LinkedIn or any other job site, you will find that some or the other certification relevant to that job is either mandatory or required or highly preferred to apply for that particular opportunity. For an example, if you want to apply for a manager opportunity, PMP is the certification most of the job listings will have, similarly if you want to apply for a Cloud Developer role, the job listing will have at least one cloud certification requirement in most of the cases. You won’t just be considered to be fit for that role if you don’t have that certification. If I go by your words, then it appears that there is no point to go for any certification, which is not only illogical, but irrational as well.

Lastly, can you elaborate on “other rpa alternative”? Of course I am not happy with the certificate, and instead of acknowledging the error, and showing any intention to rectify the error, if the comment says - “if you are really not happy with the naming issue, you are always welcome to look for other rpa alternative”, then it clearly indicates that something is not right.

Do you know that there is only one certificate issued and that is the rpa developer certificate. Others that are issued are diplomas. Note the singular and plural nouns used. Do you see the difference between “Certificate” and “Diploma”. Stop talking about different URLS etc, i don’t really see a link between what you are trying to bring up and it is purely irrelevant.

Getting a certificate doesn’t mean you are considered/qualified for the job. It just means you have an added point to your resume against others who doesn’t have it. Now it just boils down to how well you can apply the knowledge that you have obtained while preparing certification to your daily job.

For a certificate that is free, why make unnecessary demand. If you are a paying customer, sure Uipath might be willing to oblige to your request. But if your not, why complain so much? If you don’t take pride in your cert, you can always remove it from your linkedin


I guess you are not sure what you are talking about, in your first comment you only mentioned “the academy courses do not provide you with a certificate upon completion. it gives you only a diploma”. When I am not talking at all about the academy courses and this entire thread is not at all about academy courses, why to bring the topic of academy courses which is completely irrelevant from the context of this entire thread? I barely tried to point out to your mistake. Now when I did so, you came up with the certificate vs diploma aspect. Tell me one thing, who brought up the “diploma” aspect here? You. When the thread is about certification, and you started with diploma of academy courses, clearly it indicates that you did not get the context - I just tried to clear that out.

Coming to your second point - Again you got it completely wrong. You need to be first on-boarded for a job and only then you can apply your knowledge to perform the job duty. If you are rejected at the screening level itself because of not meeting the basic criteria to apply for that job (even before the interview), how can you apply your knowledge?

Coming to your third point - Really? Did you write this comment in your full sense? If yes - this is the most insane comment I have seen in my entire life. How a certification can be valued based upon whether it is free or paid? I guess you need to brush up your knowledge on the value of a certification and the importance to get certified. As far as your suggestion on to remove UiPath certification from my LinkedIn profile is concerned, I can only say that it is not only unwanted, but unwarranted and uncalled for.

I certainly believe that the discussion is getting far away from the actual issue, and taking a bitter and unwanted turn to personal attacks - which is extremely unfortunate. I tried to prove my points using logic and examples, but the replies I have got are absolutely irrelevant, illogical and counter productive. I am calling it quits here - I can only hope that better sense and logic will prevail.

Can’t agree with your logic even with your long wall of text. :man_facepalming:

Hi @neonova - Can you provide a reference of some sort on the ticket? I successfully completed the certification on 13-Apr-2019 and yet the title is “RPA Developer” :frowning:

I just passed the Advanced RPA developer Certification on 29th-June-2019 but my Certificate title is RPA Developer and not Advanced RPA developer. The title is still wrong. Please correct it.


Welcome to the UIpath Community.

Congrats @gneizer :grinning:

Yes it should be RPA Developer only but not Advanced RPA Developer. Everyone got same certificate only.

i have also completed the certification, but still the certificate just says RPA Developer - Certificate of Completion - Any one having a look at the certification at the first glance feels as if it is just a Course completion, which you usually get when you compete any training which necessarily does not do justification for the effort any graduate would put in for the certification. It would be great if the UIPath Learning and Management team can have a look at the wording in certificate - probably have some thing like - UIPath Certified Developer or Advanced RPA Developer.

@loginerror - do you think what i have posted makes sense? can this feedback be provided to UIPath LMS team. I have usually seen UIPath is very quick to listen to their developer community and that is what we love about UIPath. but then we will all hope for the best. This request is on behalf of all the developer who has spend time and effort in completing this certification.


Hi @robinsonjoseph

I know that Academy team is aware of the situation and I trust their judgment in this case. They have a lot of awesome things coming in the future, and hopefully a fix to this discrepancy is among those.

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