My Uipath Advance certificate not having a unique identification number

My Uipath Advance certificate Level 3 not having a unique identification number and it is also mentioned as Diploma of Completion UiPath Advanced Training… How to get the RPA Developer Certification of Completion with Certification number and sign from UiPath authorities.


We won’t get these things in certificate. It contains our name only.

did you complete your certification from Academy or


IF you completed certification in, then you get certificate with sign of UIPath authorities.

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Actually we do have a unique number at the bottom… the font is small, but the number Is there

@salman_faris… kindly check the bottom and the link from where u did the certification should be


Yes, for RPA developer certificate( it is there but he is asking for Level 3 advanced training certificate. For this also will we get those things ?

ohhh the diploma ?
No only the name and date of issue…

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