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            i need clarification regarding certification which certification is valuable either uipath academy or uipath certification platform

Hi @Siva_Murthy

The courses on the Academy will guide you towards the certificate, which is the highest available recognition.

but we also receive diplomas in uipath academy

Basically, the certificate is higher than all diplomas from the Academy.

can you share the difference between diplomas and certificate


Basically Level - 1, Level - 2 and Level - 3 courses consists of certifications and other courses consists of diplomas.

Uipath certification platform consists of Advanced RPA Developer certification.

Which certification will be valuable

UiPath advanced RPA developer certification is the most valuable one from all the certifications they provide. This is the highest valued one and higher than the diplomas you get in the academy as well.

So complete the diplomas first, once done, get the certification done. That’s what gives you the required recognition


Thank you so much for your response

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