Not clear the difference between the Certification and Diploma in Academy

Hi, Many of us are still not clear on “Just in case you have misunderstood it, its not the same certification that you get from Academy Level 3(It was never a certification, was just called as Diploma’s”
On Uipath academy, Level 3 advanced certification, where we need to submit assignments and get certificates after their successful review by RPA team. Is there any other paper/exam/certification that we are referring to here?
If yes, please let us know about that as well.


@Aishwarya28 is the site which is giving role based certifications in UIPath. Upto 31st Dec only. For this you have three steps
Step 1:Online Quiz (45 Questions)
Step 2:Practical Exam
Step 3:Review (Of your Practical Exam)

you will get certification for one year with Unique Id.