uiAcademy and Certification Platform difference

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What is the difference between RPA Dev Advanced Certificate acquired over uiAcademy and RPA Developer Certificate acquired over certificate.uipath.com (beside the latter will be paid for later this year?)

Will those two platforms be merged one day? It would be much easier to track the own development in place.

UiPath Academy certificate is open for all and FREE!!
the certificate.uipath.com will costs you from April 2019, this will be valid for one year and the level will be higher then advanced developer certification

Thanks! But is there a meaningful factual difference? I mean what do you mean in that paid cerificate will be higher?

The level of difficulty will be higher,
the number of attempts will be limited to three.

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UIPath Academy Certificates are Diplomas not Certificates

The Certificate you get after passing a thoery exam+Practical in the certificate platform is the actual verifiable certification for UIPath which holds value in the outside market since it was paid in the past and will be again in future

Hope that clears it up

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