Can I use Orchestrator and uipath chatbot for UiPath CE

Hi All,

I am using UiPath CE in my office and I have below clarifications, please help in this.

1) Can I use Orchestrator for free?. - For practice purpose only
2) Can I use uipath chatbot for free?. - For practice purpose only

If any example to start the above then please let me know :slight_smile:

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Hy @sachinsm

1 - You can you community edition for free yes!!!
2 - you can use chatbot with UiPath for free also. There is a component with dialogflow, an google web application

Check this video as reference:

Hi @sachinsm
Both of your questions answer is yes , you can use community edition for your practice and training
There is no issue on there.

But keep also remembering, this community edition not for use to your office staffs (not to use any commercial/ production level things with CE)

If office works need uipath , you need to buy a uipath enterprise license to your office.

Hello Sachin,
In this movie I did all step to Configure UiPath ChatBot:

Cristian Negulescu