Orchestrator connection problem --unlicensed

I’ve installed a 60 days trial license that uipath gave me, on a customer machine, given that it was not possible to configure local orchestrator, I uninstalled the trial version and I installed the community cloud edition but when I tried to connect to Orchestrator the connection seems established but the screen under the uipath robot is (unlicensed) in fact when I try to deploy the robot the message is “robot doesn’t exist”

What can I do ?
cas_ui.zip (16.1 KB)
Attached the log, the error when I try to deploy and the screen

Hi @Sax72,
So you’re now trying to connect Studio CE to our Community Orchestrator right?

Hi Pablito,
Currently, I have been able to connect Studio CE to Orchestrator CE, the problem when I try to schedule a robot that should open Chrome in background (to a running VM but where nobody is connected) it doesn’t work is there any kind of parameter that I have to set or is it a limitation of the CE Version (studio and Orchestrator)



In this scenario you will have a problem because Studio CE and the Robot is working on user thread. This means that if nobody is logged on VM the service is not running as well so Unattended robot will be not able to perform the task.
The workaround for this might be installing the Robot form MSI (not exe) available on platform.uipath.com. Then you will have robot service thread per system (not user). It should be available without any user active session.