CE Orchestrator - Multiple Issues

The CE Orchestrator is pretty terrible so far.
Over yesterday and today I have been unable to access it most of the time. When I can access it at all, getting any assets from the Orchestrator is timing out 9 times out of 10 even with a 30 second timeout set. Getting and adding items to queues is slow and times out or just flat out doesn’t work.
Is there an active issues log or JIRA/similar for issues surrounding this?

Buddy Orchestrator was under maintenance since yesterday…
May be it might have impact the accessing of assets from the orchestrator…kindly wait for Sometimes. and even it prevails after orchestrator maintenance we need to check with the orchestrator connections buddy
Cheers @Alexc

Hi @Alexc,
Orchestrator just has been moved to cloud interface. There are some let say slownesses we can observe at the moment but I can assure you that our team is working constantly on it. Please have a look at the banner above in forum site. As you can see now Orchestrator will offer increased Community Plan and have more things integrated in one place. This plus some additions requires a few final touches to make it work better. Sorry for inconvenience :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexc,

The migration process finished and everything should work fine now. I hope you will have a more productive day tomorrow and you will keep us honest in the future as well for any other problems you encounter.


Thanks very much for getting the problems sorted out. The new cloud Orchestrator appears to be running fine now and I can crack on with my UIPath training. I’m eager to get into this and cut some of the slack in the business I work for :slight_smile:

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