Orchestrator Down?

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I was working in the Orchestrator and was facing a few errors while doing add/remove operations. So i just logged out and tried to login again, but orchestraor throws an error while doing so. Is there anybody else facing this issue?


Mahesh Lakshmipathy

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Yeah, seems like it is.
@Amrita_Mogali ; @ovi ;

Why is the Orchestrator becomes down often?
Any idea on the root cause?
This happened today also.

Hi @MariaJosephina

It can happen due to maintenance, performance issue, upgrade,…

We are constantly on the lookout though and will fix any issue as it happens :slight_smile:

But this is affecting our deployed process.

Hi @MariaJosephina

Orchestrator CE (platform.uipath.com or demo.uipath.com) can only be used for evaluation and training purposes. You should never use it for production purposes. For that, you must host your own instance of Orchestrator.

More details you can find in the Orchestrator CE license:

  • You are permitted to use Orchestrator Service only for evaluation and training. Any use of Orchestrator in a real-time setting for organization or commercial daily operations of the Customer is not permitted. Use of Confidential Information is not permitted. Customer may only use test or “dummy data”.
  • Raw test data as held directly in the databases of the Service can be used and accessed by UiPath.
  • UiPath reserves the right to regularly delete tenant Historical Data. Historical Data means any data, logs, jobs, transactions or other information under accounts of tenants stored in the CEUP and created or updated at least 2 weeks prior.

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