Orchestrator/Studio comunication

Hello everyone,

I have two things to ask

  1. Is it just me or the Orchestrator is slower than usual? Nine times out of ten the page won’t load and every action results in an error #100 (I’m using Community Edition)

  2. Is it possible that there are comunication problems between Studio and Orchestrator (I have a license key for Studio but, as stated before, not for Orchestrator)

Thanks in advance

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Yes, i am also facing issue and its giving error like server was down.

@lakshman Glad I’m not alone :sweat_smile:

Also glad to know it’s not a license problem, thanks!

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same here, should be resolved soon though

Hi everyone,

Orchestrator Community Editon is indeed slower right now. My colleagues are working on solving this as soon as possible. I’ll keep you posted! :slight_smile:

Later edit: Orchestrator CE should be in normal working parameters.


I’m facing the same issue… Was unable to login to the Orchestrator for quite a long time. and last night, I was having trouble updating a queue. The execution sometimes stops due to time out issues…

Are you using Orchestrator Community Edition: https://platform.uipath.com/?

Were the queue items not added? or you were having trouble processing the items? did you get any errors? like timeout or something.

Hi @ovi

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah… I’m using that url to login to the orchestrator, and I’m also using the community edition

I faced the problem when adding items to the queue… The execution keeps on adding items and sometimes it suddenly fails throwing a time out error in add queue item activity…

I’m having troubles with Orchestrator Community Edition again today…