Capturing table with links from .pdf

I have a pdf with a table [ 100 rows and 4 columns] .

4th column in the table is having hyperlinks

My requirements is to capture the table with all the contents and store it in the excel.

I was able to achieve this using data scraping and write range.

Issue : but the problem is the hyperlinks are not lost in the excel. Only link text is moved but links are lost.

Can you please give some ideas to solve this problem.

My following requirement is to click on that link from each cell and go to that URL to capture particular information from that webpage and store it in the same excel in a new column.

Greatly appreciate all your inputs.

Can you provide a pdf example? Hyperlinks can be embedded in different ways

EDIT: here is an old thread describing one way of extracting using text manipulation: Read Hyperlinks from PDF File

Hi welcome to the community!
Couldnt you configure the Data Scrape wizard to inform the URL for the links?

unfortunately I can’t share the document but here’s the screenshot:

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Since that Cell have more than just one link, i imagine you will have to scrape this manually and not using regular Data Scrape activity…