I’m NIRANJAN V T from Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu. Focusing on UIAutomation.
Curenty we’re upto develop a bot to download PDF files by accessing hyperlinks given in Excel Sheet.
We Tried So Far.,

  1. Data table - but that gave only normal text, hyperlink is lost

  2. Read cell - Looping becomes trouble

  3. BalaReva’s Extract Hyperlink activity - We used it, no error identified but while displaying with a message box we got “String[*]”

We’ve done about Excel application Scope , we got nothing, but the Error.!

Our Major need is how to access multiple hyperlinks given by column in a Excel Sheet

Is there any updated Activities for this?


How to convert Excel Sheet into a data Table

#We Need a looping idea to iterate through hyperlinks

We look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

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Hi @Niranjan_V Use read range to convert excel into datatable.And then use for each row in that use assign variable=row(“Yourhyperlinkcolumn”).tostring


@Niranjan_V If I’m not wrong, You need to Loop through the Hyperlinks in the Excel and Download the PDF Files through that link. Will the Link automatically downlaod the PDF’s or is it that you need to use Save As Option for it ?


@supermanPunch Yeah! We Need To Download the PDF files through the Hyperlink and save all the downloaded files in an source location

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@Niranjan_V Is it possible for you provide 2 Links so that I can give you the workflow for it, or do you want me to describe the Solution? :sweat_smile:


@supermanPunch 1.)
Sure! I’ve Attached Some Dummy links above…You can go through it!
And, Thanks so much for your help and support! :+1:
We’re very grateful for your time. :smile: :smile:
Excel Format: :point_down:

@Niranjan_V Check this Workflow : The Browser is set to IE , I hope Initial Settings for reading PDF is Set in IE.
Also Change the DownloadPath to your Full Path to Downloads Folder (8.6 KB)

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