Read Hyperlinks from PDF File



Hi All,

i have developed to get the all the hyperlinks from the PDF, find the below attachments.

i don’t know i did in correct way or not, but in UiPath only Read PDF Text activity alone is there so we can’t get the hidden hyperlinks value.

So i copied the PDF file from one location and pasted into another place but i modified the format alone to text file and using regex expression i got the all the hyperlink values.

sample.pdf (12.1 KB)
GetPDFHyperlinks.xaml (15.2 KB)


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Hi Arivu,

I looked up your attached workflow, would please share your thought on why you had to have a temp copy of the PDF and deleting the temp file. You could have skipped to finding the regex matches.



HI @PD2,

Because you can’t get the hidden hyperlinks from the pdf for that purpose i changed the format of pdf to text file and getting the hyperlink values.