Extract one level deep web table (one column is url)


I am trying to extract a web table that spans across multiple pages. I was able to extract the table successfully with multiple column easily with the “Table extraction” feature and copied the data table in an excel file . One of the columns of the table being extracted is url.

Now I need to change the program so that the automation extracts information by clicking on the url also. So what is required is that the program extract all columns of the table + clicks on one specific column (that is url) for each row, go to the resulting web page and extract some information from there also and goes back to the table and to the next row of the table.

The problem here is that while using the “Table extraction” activity, it’s not possible to click on an url. So if I use the “Table extraction”, I have a data table at the end. What should be a good approach for this problem?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Seems similar to this topic.

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Thanks for the help… though the mentioned post was similar and it was of help certainly but my current requirement needs a slightly different route.
What is required here is a way to click on links while extracting a web table by data scraping activity in Studio.