Capturing data from email


I need to capture some data from the body of a email. The data is laid out as a table and the column order may change. I attach an example:

Thank you very much.

Hi @c_cumplido,

First of all you are going to assign the body message to a variable where you can manipulate its data. To get the information you need, you may use .NET methods that are commonly used to manipulate strings (e.g Substring, IndexOf and also the Matches activity from UIPath that use Regex) and I have attached an example that basically assign its body to a variable.

If possible, please upload your mail message, but change its content so I can assist you better.

Main.xaml (6.3 KB)


Hi, in the sample body given by @c_cumplido, it is a table. In your example, you have obtained the body, but I guess the next question would be how to manipulate the result of your process. Like how to obtain value of column 1 row 1, column 2 row 1 and so forth. Thanks!

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TThis might shed some light on your question.

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