Extract Table from mail Body

User ID rupadhye
Client ID 100
Connection Name MGS
Action Unlock

I Want to extract table data from mail body in uipath
and then need to store the userId as rupadhye in variable
client id as 100 in another varible and so no

Hi @Sneha_Ambulkar

Use Datscrapping for extracting the table content

ashwin S

i use this activity but i got an error when i assign
bodyTableList = (From row In OutMailInfo.Select() Select String.Join(",",row.ItemArray)).ToList()
where bodyTAbleList is of List
and OutmailInfo is the output of Datascraping


You can use data scrapping for this type of automation.

Click on datascrapping and it will ask to select the element. If it detects as table then you can click ok and proceed.

The output is a Datatable, so you can use For each row activity to assign values to variables


Data Scarping Activity dives null result

Hi @Sneha_Ambulkar

try this xaml

ashwin S