Extracting data from a email body table



I am very new to UiPath, and I apologize if this question has been asked before. I have searched and found many responses, but I really do not understand the answers so well.

I have a simple email with a table inside the body. I want to extract a single cell from within this table.

I want to retrieve from the example i uploaded just the 180 and save to a variable.

What is the simplest method to accomplish this?

Again, I apologize for the repeat question



Refer this posts it might help you.



thanks. It is a little more complicated that I was looking for, but I found through it that if i save it as HTML and then open it using IE, i can scrape the data directly out of the page.


Hi @ikugelman,

use this xaml file.

test1 (1).xaml (7.1 KB)