How to loop Through Multi

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I have a table in which I have a conf_quantity column as you can see above. I need to extract the data of all these input fields at once but data scraping is not helping here. Can anyone suggest something ?

PS. These are all input fields I repeat again.

HI @Ishan_Shelke1

These data are from a webpage or desktop application?


web application

Try with Screen Scrapping @Ishan_Shelke1

It’s only letting me select 1 input element when i select the region option it fails to scrape

Are you on modern?

Hi @Ishan_Shelke1 ,

Try Using Find Children Activity.

We should be able to get the elements as list and then get the data out of the elements;.

Let us know after you have tried out this method.


Approach1 : If you are using classic design try with Screen Scarping
Approach 2: Try with Get OCR text
Approach 3: Try with Get text
Approach4: Try with dynamic selector. Get row value of first cell and keep on incrementing from there by passing variable within the selector

Tried Using Find Children Activity Still Didn’t Work

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No Classic

Was able to get value using screen scraping but it’s only giving the value of a single textbox. It has a region option option but then it only captures a specific region not the whole column @ushu

@Ishan_Shelke1 Which method did you use in screen scraping (Native, full text or OCR)

Method i used was Full Text

@Ishan_Shelke1 Try with OCR. Follow the below steps

  • Open screen scraping and identify the element first
  • Now it opens screen scraping wizard (Below screenshot)

  • Now, choose the scraping as OCR and provide other details as shown the above screenshot
  • Now click on region and draw a box on the entire table
  • Finally click refresh and check the results

This Worked. But The Problem is i have a scroll bar in my table there are 105 records in it.

@Ishan_Shelke1 Will the no of records will varies every time

Since It’s a testing data table The records are fixed.

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