Unable to click and capture text from colored rows


Please refer the above image for reference.
I am trying to click the row that is “Green” and then capture the entire row text.
I have tried to scrape the text and create a table, but the table generated is not structured and the columns where the data exists after generation changes every time it scraps a different scenario.
when i use Citrix recording to click the image with accuracy 0.8, it clicks the one it was identified on but when i change the scenario for other clients it is unable to click and capture the text.
The green highlighted row also has hidden text and i need to capture that too.

Please guide me with the best possible way,

Hi Isha, have you tried Native method of screen scraping?
Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods.
Also please see the post from ddpadil on How to scrape or get hidden elements value in uipath - #3 by ddpadil :
hidden Text
“Full text should work unless target element is Citrix/ CMD or terminal applications.
In case CMD/Terminal App Check with Native scraping method .It probably does the job.
Apart from this you have to make sure element is visible to scrape.(make use of hotkeys).”