Screen Scraping Wizard to capture desktop application with page down

Hello All, Could you please let me know, if there is a way to use screen scraping wizard to capture data, which is unstructured in desktop application with scroll bar? Please find the attached file for your reference. I need to capture the middle section with Name, Description, index and type etc. I was unable to use data scraping and got an error.

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When it doesnt work you should try UiExplorer and select one values, like the first row and column and inspect the selector, if it is good, then you automate using a while loop with an infinite condition inside a try catch.

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Thanks for the response. I will try it out and reply back.

Thanks for the response, I am unable to capture the description column using ui explorer, as it only captured Name column value, where as I selected the entire row. Any other options available since the data is unstructured in this desktop application. Is there any way to use screen capture wizard and capture the entire data including scroll and export to excel?

if you use uiexplorer and select the first cell of the first row it does not work? it gets only the full row?

Hi @naveenaccount123,

Could you please try to use find children activity to find all the child elements.
If you able to get the selector’s means, you can pass the selector to get text activity , then you will text and store it to some variable.

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It doesn’t even get full row. It just gets the first column data. As you can see in the screenshot above, I am trying to extract data from a desktop application from the middle section. Only Name column data is captured when i am using Uiexplorer, through i am selecting entire row. That is why i am trying with screen scraping wizard and would like to know how to capture using scroll down and any means to export to excel. Thanks for your response!

Thanks Ajith for the response, the selector only captures the first column and not the entire row data.

what is the selector that is bringing you the Name column data?

Hi Naveen, could you pls try to use the other properties of find children activity it will provide the result.

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