Automation Challenge: captcha in UiPath

Dear All,

I am trying to automate a task involving Captcha. Below is the link to the website containing a Captcha:

Through my research and previous implementations on UiPath, I am aware that built in OCR engines - Google and Microsoft aren’t of much help in automating this task.

A workaround to it which I am trying to test is a code that I found online but I am not sure how to integrate it and test it on UiPath.

Please refer to the link below that contains the script to retrieve Captcha:

Can anybody tell me how to integrate this code with my UiPath Workflow?

Also, can anyone propose alternative solution to the Captcha problem?

Hi @Tom1989,

Best approach would be creating a custom activity and integrating with UiPath, If you have some external dll involved. Otherwise you can write your code in Invoke code Activity inside your workflow.



Hi @Tom1989
Prhaps this thread with a brainstorm can help you?

@PAD, It doesn’t work.

I’ve read many threads on the forum. Can you try to automate it and provide me with a workflow? Also, Death by Captcha isn’t a free tool.

Hi, as the code on the website is not easily readable and GoogleOCR can’t get it right, perhaps it may require some captcha solver - see e.g. the response in How To Automate Captcha In UIpath - #5 by sreekanth - but the free ones probably don’t give really satisfying results. Unfortunately, this is not my field of expertise - sorry!
See perhaps these links:

Maybe someone else on the Forum can help you further…

Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart), as its name signifies, it not possible to break always. Though in some cases it may succeed to get the actual text out of some pattern. It needs true machine intelligence to identify the text properly. Though you can test/experiment always. :wink:


Did you manage to solve? I have the same problem

I solved captcha problem with Death by Captcha. Sometime DBC give wrong answer and you need to repeat the process. But it work, and you can try it before you buy :smiley:

There are many online services to solve captchas now. I have been using api true to solve mine. The mileage may vary but when it solves it is very good. u can try it out

Hi guys,

Has this question been answered. If No, I have a solution to suggest too. You can install Buster extension on your Chrome. The extension helps you deactivate the captcha for successful login. If interested, I can share a sequence.

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