Unable to open folders path with capital letters in Remote Desktop Location on VPN

Hello UiPath Experts.
I have a folder example path “\\News\newFolder\SUPERMAN\Department” in a remote location which need to connect by using a secure VPN.

When i tried to enter this path in Win+ Run command by using UiPath, This is entering like this “\\ews\newolder\epartment” → in this posted path… it is visible that no capital letters…

When I copy pasted in manual way, Server is accepting the path and opening the folder.
I am not sure these characters are skipped/omitted by UiPath while posting folder path in run command or this is a Remote Desktop Machine feature.
Could you please someone guide me on this how to overcome this.

Try to pass delay in delay between keys property of Type into property.

Akshay, Thanks for quick reply. You rock!
I tried to use delay before as 100 milliseconds but not worked.

When i ran my script, i observed while UiPath typing the path letter by letter, UiPath tried to enter 3 capital letter (\SUP…)then remote machine is opening Sticky Keys option dialog. I am sure this UiPath “type into” activity is enabling Sticky keys (when we press Shift key 3 times then this windows feature will enable, in the similar way if we want to write SUPERMAN in any notepad or document with out enabling CAP lock we have to press or hold Shift key and type superman).
So, based on my understanding server is considering each Upper case character as (A = ‘Shift+a’).
Could you please advice how to overcome this.

Well it was Delay between keys property not delay before pal :slight_smile: @rkelchuri

and one more thing sticky keys opens with keys like shift and all… are you passing them with your text … ? for just capital letters? It should not be.

Yea, i am passing entire folder path as a single string in “Type Into”

well right now running some kind of performance check on my system so can not use uipath studio but just check that property and try with that and passing a string does not create a problem sometimes type into missed charaacters due to background operations and ui presentation delays so pass delay between keys solve such problems.

You could try with clipboard sending, similar to this:

SetToClipboard → yourPath
Click the element instead of TypeInto’ing to it to set correct focus
SendHotkey → Ctrl+v (make sure v is lowercase)


i have one question using uipath how to lock folder

What do you mean by lock folder? Can you show some more light

i created one empty folder in desktop my local pc , i want know how to lock that folder using uipath
thanks for u r quick response

How you will do lock in manual way… just capture those steps and reproduce in your WF.

because of i transfer 20 gb data one file to anther file (A->B) my task is wean ever i start Automation folder A perform only read action not write action everyday this task running so another people not enter any data ,

@sarmasrilu, When u copy paste any 20GB file then it will take more time copy all files depends on network speed(if it is on different machine) or OS speed (if OS is working on multiple tasks then local system also will take considerably more time)
some times operating system will show that files has been copied but still it will keep hold on the file not to operate/modify because of background process. So, this is some thing tricky process which should design to overcome this time game by Operating system. Hope my inputs are useful.