Can't setup default email account

Hello I’m new to UiPath and StudioX, I’m working through the tutorials but I can’t set-up the default email account I’ve tried the Repair tools as below but it does not change anything. Any help is appreciated.


Welcome to forums

Could you please explain with more details?

Have you installed Outlook in the machine you are trying?


  • Write on Windows search button ‘Outlook.exe’, then
  • “Open file location” seems on the right tab, click on it
  • And
  • After you copied the path and add ‘\outlook.exe’ at the end of the path.
  • Write this path on the first input

Let me know if you have a trouble :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks a mill Berna

There was an issue with my outlook set-up that I ended up reconfiguring,

Have a good day.

Cheers Angela