Use Outlook Account

Was practicing “Tutorial: Working with Files and Folders” .
I have my outlook open. But I am not getting an option to select the Email Account in the field “Default Email Account” under the Use Outlook Account resource. Due to this, under “For Each Email” activity I am unable to chose the required Outlook folder.
Can anyone please let me know if I am missing something. Last time I remember UI path Studio detected my outlook account automatically and gave an option to chose it from the drop down. This time I am not getting any drop down option.

The “Use Outlook Account” activity looks into your account with Outlook opened. So, I believe, you just need to open Outlook and it should detect your folders.

but I have my Outlook open. UI path is not detecting it. That is the issue

Could you please try the latest Mail package - update to 1.8.5 from Package Manager or install the latest 20.4 Studio version ? We’ve made some fixes around Outlook account detection.

Hi Flavius,

The issue still persists. I am a part of "Reboot your skills " program. I have the latest version of StudioX installed.
When I create a new Task, the StudioX is not able to recognize my outlook(ref. image 3). In the drop-down, I don’t see my accounts. But at the same time, when I try to run the Solution provided in the course, it reflects all the outlook accounts in the dropdown. Not able to understand the glitch. Please help me as I am not able to practice in scenarios where I need to use the Outlook resource.

I have attached 3 images for your reference.
1.showing the latest mail package
2.solution provided by the Course, which is showing my outlook accounts
3.the task I create, doesn’t show my outlook accounts

Each project can reference a different version of the Mail Package. Could you please check the versions for the project that works and the one that it doesn’t by accessing the Package Manager?