Can't scarp pdf file table data using data scraping?

I Can’t scarp pdf file table data using data scraping?

Then you probably use "Read PDF"activity or screen scraping.:slight_smile:

I used Read PDF and write data’s into Text file.But i want to write data’s in csv file.I used Write csv but it gives error.

If you whole pdf is in tabular format then just use Data scrapping it will return a datatable then you can directly write it in csv

I used like this also.It shows following error “This control does not support data extraction”

Well as i mentioned above if it doesn’t’ support you need to go with either read pdf or screen scraping then follow below.
PDF output is in the string format.
1.So to extract the specific value you need to find the start index and end index of the value and pass these index and get the specific value by using substring
2.Finally use write cell activity and pass the variable . or build the data table and directly pass in read range activity.
I know its bit lengthy but this is the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey @ddpadil,

Is your solution also works for pdf which has multiple pages ? could you please any sample xaml if you have ? i have pdf which contain nearly 20 pages of data where i need to extract as a string.