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I have a pdf and I have to convert it to Csv. I used “Assigned” and “If” and "For each object", But it ended up with a csv with all data in a single column. I need help to make the data to different columns and cells as my desire.Expecting a help soon.
Screenshot of the output csv

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is PDF has data in tabular format?
If yes then try using “Data Scraping” which give you output datatable and you can use in excel scope,

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Some experts please help with this. I am also facing similar error.

hey thanks for the suggestion. Actually the pdf I got is in tabular format, but the table borders are hidden…Also I need the final output in csv not in excel. So I guess there is no role for excel scope right??

write CSV takes datatable as input.

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@ddpadil Bro , but the output of screen scraping is stored as "generic " variable type right?. How will we convert it to data table ?
Thanks in advance

not screen scraping use “Data scraping wizard”

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OMG! Made my day. Thanks a lot bro. Worked successfully!!!

Bro, Tanx a lot. It worked!!!


Will u send me the program… I want to convert PDF file into CSV file…

Priya :slight_smile:


Will u send me the program…of convert pdf file into csv file

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HI amithvs

    will u send the program of pdf data into csv file this is my mail id mpraki320@gmail.com.please it is emergency i am trying but iam facing this issue i didn't get any solution and i didn't get any clarification so could you please send me the program.


just DATA SCRAP the pdf and store it in a data table. Then write to csv.


How to do Screen scrapping from PDF file …
Actually we need to convert PDf file to CSV…

Help us,
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use data scrapping.
Is the pdf in tabular format ?
Is it structured?

Participant_CSMMULucknow.pdf (903.4 KB)


Can you plz do csv file only data in a table.

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Priya :slight_smile:

what data you need from the pdf? the whole?


Sorry for late reply…,
No, We need the data whatever in a table



Data scraping wizard is useful. But I have more than a single page in my pdf. The number of pages in pdf are random.
When I am using data scraping wizard, it is working fine only for the 1st page. How to extract the tables from other pages and save it in csv/excel file.

I am not getting idx attribute in the selector as well.

Please help. I am searching the solution from a long time

Hi amithvs

       how to do the pdf tabular format into csv file could you please tell me about this.data scraping is not working and screen scraping is used but i got only one page data and format also different.