How to Read Table from PDF

i have one pdf in this pdf two table is there .when i reading the pdf the all table data is converted into Text . i want the table data as a dataTable format???

U can use Data Scraping(Under Design Tab) method to get the table data as datatable


U can use Extract Structured data Activity to get the table data

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Both are same.:wink:

ok …

i am trying with data scrapping getting Error ‘Control does not Support data Extraction’

Then you can’t i guess.
How about screen scraping? though info won’t be in table format but just give a try.


I’m able to extract the tables in pdf through data scraping wizard when the pdf window is opened on the screen but I don’t know how to read the pdf and identify if tables exist in the same or not and if they exist, then how to extract them one by one. Could you help me on this.


Is pdf format is structure?
If you used data scraping and if table exist then it returns the value(to validate use this in if condition datatable.Rows.Count.ToString) if number of rows 0 then there is no table or it might throw an error(you can catch using Try/Catches activity) then you can proceed further.