Get the entire table data?

Hi @ All,

I have one pdf in that i need to extract a table

I tried with screen scraping not working,can you suggest

send me the sample pdf

Sample.pdf (65.3 KB)

Check it

@varunk One solution is, as its a readable pdf use Read PDF activity to read the entire content of the document. The result of this will be,

  • Retrieve only varying data(highlighted content) from the result and use “Generate Data Table” activity to build a datatable
  • Use regex to retrieve the highlighted content and build a datatable looping and formatting the result retrieved.
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Hi @Madhavi,

Yes that I know,but here I want to extract entire table in pdf how it looks like

Hi @varunk

Have you tried Data Scraping instead of screen scraping. I have checked data scraping and it’s working on my machine.

Hi @Bharat,

Can you share flow

Please check if it works.
Make sure your PDF is opened while executing the flow, open the pdf manually and execute for now.
test.xaml (10.0 KB)

Hi @Bharat,

Your flow not getting output,showing empty data.
When I use the data scraping it will show the below error