Can't run UiPath assistant - Cannot create unknown type error


I’m trying to start a process using the assistant (without Orchestartor) but it fails.
First of all, the content in the package was a bit off with a folder called “contentFiles” instead of “lib”. The assistant complained about not finding the project.json file due to this, so I changed the serach path by changing the names so it looks just like the path it was looking for and it started working - for 1 second until the next error apperad.

Now I’m facing this issue and have no idea how to move forward. Any suggestions?

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Can you check the versions of Studio and Assistant?

Hope this may help you



The version is 2021.4.4 for both studio and assistant.
Should it be a different version?

Hi Kristian,

There may be 2 cascading problems here, but let’s start with the 1st one:

When running the process the robot has access to multiple feeds, either only UiPath related ones and others that are public ( that cannot be moderated by us.

When you use a common package name (like awpoc) and the robot has access to public feeds, you run into the risk of downloading a package with the same name/version that is not yours.
This is something that nuget (the 3rd party tool we use to download processes) does. It’s not something “fixable”, it’s something you should be aware of as many apps that use nuget do this also (Like Visual Studio for example).

We usually protect ourselves from this by either using some specific package names (such as kristian.awpoc.project.1.0.1), or having good feed management or even using signed packages (this one is the most extreme one).

So please rename your package and see if this still happens (the problem with “lib” folder missing).

The other "cannot create unknown schema " problem is also feed related.
It usually happens like this:
-From Studio, you use a package dependency from a certain feed (let’s say feed X)
-You publish the package and move it to another computer, or even run it on your computer but on a robot installed in servicemode.
The robot installed on another computer does not have access to that feed X and cannot download the dependency, thus it will fail.
This is also true when running the package on a servicemode robot, since servicemode robots use different feed (file) than Studio uses (becuase servicemode robots runs under local system account and studio runs under user account.)


Hi Andrei and thank you for the response.

I tried changing the name but it still does not work. Same problem as before and I have to change the names of the folders for the project to run.

Not sure how to fix the feed related issue since all the dependencies being used in the project are all UiPath offical dependencies. I have not moved the package to another computer an I’m not running a service mode robot.

Any other idea why it fails?

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Ok, so you are having the exact same problem, that the download folder contains the “contentFiles” folder instead of the “lib” one ?

What files are inside the contentFiles folder than ? Can you post a screenshot ?
Also, what new name have you used for the project?

Correct, it is the same problem with the folders.

This is the new package name (inspired by your suggestion).

That is weird. Can you send (DM) me the package or any package that behaves this way ?