Cannot create unknown type in UiPath Assistant (Unattended)

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I encounter an error message below in UiPath Assistant. After publishing my original library and the main automation package (using my original library activities) in Orchestrator. In trying to run this package in UiPath Assistant in a different machine, an error message pops up

Cannot create unknown type ‘{clr-namespace:MyOriginalLibrary.Common;assembly=MyOriginalLibrary}Close_Chrome’.

Close Chrome is one of activities in MyOriginalLibrary. Anyone has any idea to resolve this?


Can you check your original library is published or uploaded to the orchestrator?


Thanks for replying. I published MyOriginalLibrary with Publish button on UiPath Studio in a different machine.


Is your robot connected to Orchestrator? If so, basically you need to publish or upload your library to it.



Make sure the library and package required are there in that project
If not install that package and import the required namespaces
And then publish and give a try

Cheers @u2018dem0528

Yes, it is connected to Orchestrator as a Robot account.
Whereas it is connected, and the library exists in Orchestrator, any activities in MyOriginalLibrary doesn’t function.

The package is downloaded in the Unattended machine and I imported MyOriginalLibrary namespaces in the package (which now gets stuck) in the morning. However, it shows the same error message.


Can you check if there is your orginal library folder in the following folder on your robot machine?


If there is, is there your target version folder under it?


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No, I am not able to find my own libraries inside…


For some reason, it seems to failed download your library from Orchestrator.
Can you check your execution log of UiPath and event log of OS in details? There might be something hints to solve this matter.

Or, there might be temporary workaround to copy all the files in the above path on your Studio machine, to the same folder on robot machine.


Thank you for giving me a pointer. Based on this hint, I managed to figure out the reason for. I used “Robot Account” to run this package which didn’t have sufficient authority to access to the entire Tenant. This insufficient access prevented the running machine from downloading MyOriginalLibrary from Orchestrator. Once I granted Administrator access to this Robot Account, MyOriginalLibrary was flown into the abovementioned folder.

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