UiPath Studio connection error to Orchestrator

Hello everyone, I’m currently using a Free enterprise Trial and I’m having an issue connecting UiPath Studio to the Orchestrator :

I’m having this message when trying to connect to the Orchestrator while I’ve followed multiple tutorials and activated the license on the orchestrator.

I added the user into the folder and added a machine :

Any idea ? Thanks for the help.

Try with Service url option in Connection type…

Still got the same message after trying the Service URL connection Type : “Connected to Orchestrator. Unable to retrieve a license (please contact your IT department)”.

HI @gamakichi

Check out this thread


Hello, I already followed this thread but it didn’t helped me … also when i go the the licenses I got this :

Which tells me that the license status is ok. I don’t know what’s the issue there

And here is the license page :