Can't open my project after killing Excel process


I’m working on a robot that works with Excel files.
The execution being too long, I stopped it, but the Excel file was still in use by Excel process so I couldn’t delete it. I then killed Excel processes (there were 2).
After restarting UIPath, I can’t open the project anymore, this error show up:


Is there a way to solve it?

Hi @Oliver8,

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Try closing the project and then deleting project.json and then reopening the project

Hi @Oliver8

What version of Studio is it?

If I delete the project.json, how to open the project? UIPath says project.json is missing.
My version is Studio Pro 2020.10.0.

Will the project be exactly the same if I create a new project and copy the xaml files from the old one?

Hi @Oliver8, deleting the project.json from a project, then reopening the project by either double clicking a .xaml file or opening it via Open Project will recreate the project.json with the default dependencies available in that version (Meaning Excel, Mail, System and UIAutomation activities). This is the reason why @Shikhar_Tandon mentioned this alternative.
When do you receive a “UIPath says project.json is missing.” error?
Also, could you please give us some more details regarding this:

  1. I noticed the error is in French - is the Display Language in Windows French as well, or only Studio is in French?
  2. What Excel activity where you using when you killed the Excel processes?
  3. Does this happen only for one project or any project that you are currently trying to open?
  4. Could you please generate a DiagnosticsTool report, via the steps provided here, and then either send it to me or @pablito or @loginerror in a private message: Studio Community installation progress gets stuck - #13 by coramia
    Thank you!

Hello @coramia,
Thanks for you detailed reply.

  1. Yes, both Windows and UIPath are in French
  2. I was using either Write Range or Auto Fill Range activity, I’m not sure
  3. It only happens for this project
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Thank you as well. Please let us know if the project.json solution works. If not, kindly generate the Diagnostics Tool report. We’ll also try reproduce the issue internally and let you know if we isolate it.

The project.json solution worked :slight_smile:
I’m concerned about sending diagnostic data as the project contains sensitive information, so I think I will just go with the project.json solution.
Thank you for your help!

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No problem, we understand. Happy automating! :slight_smile:

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