Can't click on the button

I can’t click on the OK button

Please help with suggestions thank you~

Hi @zefang
We can do it either of two ways,

  1. use send hot key with tab key and use it until it reaches the ok button and once reached use another send hot key acitivty with key enter
  2. use a click image activity and select the image ok and try t0 click buddy @zefang
    Cheers @zefang

try to send hot keys

Click text or click image could also help

@kalyanDev @Palaniyappan

is this like this?

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yes buddy
Try and let know whether that works or not
Cheers @zefang


@Palaniyappan @kalyanDev

still dont work…

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make sure you have kept all these activities inside attach window or attach browser activity (if its a browser) and select that window as element
Cheers @zefang

yes what @Palaniyappan said and cross-check the selectors.

Hi @Palaniyappan @Ellboy @kalyanDev

I cant click on the OK button again




this is the original selector

0673ac4-bfb3-4e83-95e9-41e3728cd8f8 this numbers always dynamic

Try using the UiExplorer and see if you add other attributes and remove the unstable part.

You can try using the wildcard “*” as well to replace the dynamic part of the selector but because it’s a parent I doubt there won’t be other elements it might get confused with then.

I hope you were actually trying with send hot key with key as enter right
But here it shows click activity…fine
make sure that this click is inside the attach window and enable simulate click property in the click activity
Cheers @zefang

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