Cant find the robot when try to start a job manually

Hello, I try to start a job manually, but I can’t find the robot while starting a new job.

Please advise, thanks.

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Welcome to our uipath community.

You need to create Robot of type Unattended but not Studio. Please check below thread for your reference.


Hi @miguel_serra ,
Welcome to the UIPATH Community

You have to check 2 things for this ,
1.As @lakshman mention you cannot run it through studio , Make your new robot as unattended robot , its required unattended robot, we can see currently you are trying to login through studio robot

  1. your robot environment , you have to add relevant unattended robot for the relevant process ,
    I hope you are using community edition
    you can create the robot as unattended as below on you robot

Thank you! It solved the problem.
The truth is than during the course this is not mentioned… and it should be!

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