Cant find "environment" tab when learning orchastrator and some thought about this tutorial

dear all i cant find the corresponding tab these problem happened numerous time… i mean due to version change…

is there any other class i can learn online that can enable me to pass the certificate test?

another thing does anyone found the online free tutorial is a little entry level programmer unfriendly?

the practise quesytion at the end of each module is more challenging than the material in the tutorial whoch means even you know the thing in the tutorial like your back of your hand you can still be challenged by the practise question at the end of each module i mean lv1

and sometimes, even if you followed exactly what tutor taught due to google finance page changed or sth like that you cant get the desired result

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For the Environment, you have to go to the Management section for Robots (see screenshot below).

Also, I agree. The content is not up to date with the recent updates. It is my understanding that the UiPath team is currently in the process of updating the Academy courses. Also, if you would like a primer course to make the programming side of things easier for RPA, there is a tutorial here for $10.99. The instructor goes through the programming skills that will be helpful for RPA automation. Currently, there is no course on the Academy site for this.

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thanks to @Anthony_Humphries your guidance and patience.

i have to use this oppurtunity to illustrate further about my “new comer unfriendly” point (to uipath):

i am a proficient user in VBA (saying this i mean i am not stupid, i ranked top 15% in CPA australia exam once) i taught myself using online tutorial and quickly use that in my daily work, if i come across some problems i googled them and adapt the solution to my case and i learn but this is build on the premises that some basic skill has to be taught: for example, get the “first three letter formula” never taught in the tutorial and showed up out of blue in the practise. second, no vivid digram or animation to illustrate the point, the absense of analogy can make new comers confuse for example i watched the tutorial four times to understand the “in and out” direction when invoke the process (lesson 13), i am very diligent in learn uipath for the past two weeks and hoping to use this to make career change, the level one tutorial discouraged me again and again. first i thought it is just my problem but i dont think so now.
the whole tutorial pace is very fast, and always give me full screen in a tiny window, other lecture do use zoom in, please please please be considerate to new IT people and please please please update the tut timely a bit if you really want to expand your territory.


Dear i can still not find it

and when i manually input plaftform.uipath/environemnt it said Account doesn’t exist
Account doesn’t exist, please try logging in with a different account

The screenshot you are showing is the Cloud portal where you manage your individual Orchestrator instances aka Services.

Click on your Service instance Xiangcheng once it becomes ready. From there you will be able to Manage your Robots, Environments, Processes, etc.


thanks so much solved!

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