Can't find 60-Day Trial License Key

I am new to UIPath, and waiting for my organization to process the user license.
In the meantime I registered for the Community version of the software and it works fine. But I need to get a 60-Day Trial version of UIPath Studio. I have downloaded and installed Studio, but I need the license key to run it.
How do I get the key if my registration defaults to the Community version in my profile?

Hi @andrew.wittenstein,

You can manage it under the license tab as in the images below.


Thanks for your reply. I followed your advice and went into Orchestrator, to License > Manage License from Automation Cloud > Enterprise Activation. Unfortunately that still prompts me to enter a license key, which I do not have. A coworker of mine installed the 60-day trial version without a license key - they did NOT have the Community version already installed, as I did.
Now I have apparently updated my subscription from ‘Community’ to ‘Enterprise Trial’ - but I still have no License key.
Is there any downside to deleting the application completely from my computer and starting over?

if you start over, you can request the 60 day license from this link. After you click request trial, the license code will show on the next page